The Kill-9 Arcade Console

(Coctail Edition)


Early stages of construction   The box is complete
Speaker holes and door.   Base and power supply attached
The keyboard controller   Drive bay, motherboard holder and monitor holders
Buttons, joystick and first experimental run (by Vardis, censored)   The monitor is in place
Another view   And... the final touch!
A closer view  

Cost Table

IBM KeyboardSystems10
Jig saw Black & Decker JS300Home Depot139.96
Jig saw blades BLU-MOL 3 5/8'' 10 TPI 92mmHome Depot12.63
1/2 4x4 particle boardHome Depot27.75
1/2 2x4 particle boardHome Depot14.35
Simpson metallic angle Strong-Tie A23Home Depot120.38
Simpson metallic angle Strong-Tie A21Home Depot120.26
Simpson CF-R bracket String-Tie CFHome Depot41.88
Simpson tie strap Strong-Tie MST 27 NER 413Home Depot22.74
Ironman 2'' Strap Hinge package of 2Home Depot11.76
Machine screw nut #10-24 package of 100Home Depot12.27
Machine screw #10-24 x 1'' package of 100Home Depot12.69
Liquid Nails adhesive for small projectsHome Depot11.47
12 position barrier stripRadioshack21.99
90 Ft. Hook-up wire (3 30f rolls, 22 gauge)Radioshack24.49
Norton sanding paper sheets 9''x11''Home Depot11.47
Bristle for oil based stains 3''Home Depot17.87
Jig saw blades BLU-MOL 2 3/4'' 24 TPI 70mmHome Depot11.97
Painters Touch multi purpose paint (Gloss Black)Home Depot32.48
Bell wire staplesHome Depot10.99
4'' Cable tiesHome Depot10.99
Mail box lock U-9940Home Depot14.97
1 1/2'' Ironman Narrow HingesHome Depot11.67
Behr enamel undercoater primer & sealerHome Depot17.47
10ft. Thermo wireHome Depot10.60
10ft. Bellwire 3Home Depot11.00
Push ButtonsHapp Controls121.65
Push ButtonsHapp Controls21.75
BoltsHome Depot20.14
BoltsHome Depot20.16
NutsHome Depot40.04
FastenersHome Depot10.78
SwitchHome Depot12.97
8ft cordHome Depot16.49
6 outlet compact stripHome Depot114.97
Protective cover (for paint)Home Depot20.98
80 oz bucketHome Depot11.97
Phillips 17'' Lightframe monitorBest Buy1120
Dual hit ironRadioshack19.99
10Z silver (solder)Radioshack13.49
PS2/AT heyboard adapterRadioshack19.99
Screws (1x6-4 #2 W)Home Depot12.44
NailsHome Depot10.97
Wire nailsHome Depot10.97
Speakers and stuffHapp Controls130
IDE 8ft hard disk cablePC Club16
Pentium Pro MotherboardSystems10
Pentium Pro 120 MHzSystems10
64 MB memorySystems10
4 GB hard diskJessica10
Sound blaster compatible sound cardJessica10
CD-ROM driveJessica10
Floppy driveSystems10
PS/2 KeyboardSystems10
AT KeyboardVardis10
250W Power supplySystems10


Design and construction: marioh

Thanks go to Vardis for living in a messy house for a whole month and a half. Michalis for providing Dremel, the "do everything" tool. Jessica for providing invaluable hardware, no cost, no questions asked. The Systems Group for providing me with all the crap they could find. My downstairs neighbors, a lot of noise, no complaints (!?). Thomas for helping with the keyboard controler (even though he made a mess.) George, for helping out with the monitor.

Best comment so far: "You just built a procrastinating machine!" (Nivalda)